Reviews / Comments for Behind the Open Door

“Sometimes, it’s hard to be different. But not for Cassie. She knows her truth and she stays true to it. Wonderful book!”

– Reverend Anne R., Cushing, Maine

“So I was going to wait to read your new book till I got back to Colorado, but it sucked me right into the story and couldn’t drop it till I finished it. Loved it! Looking forward to the next one!”

– Diane B., Osceola, Iowa

“I have so enjoyed the book, can’t wait for the next one 😊”

– Janet E.,

“Behind the Open Door” is, on the surface, a charming book about a young girl who interacts with beings that others cannot see – invisible friends, if you will. However, for those of us who have also been in communication with non-physical entities, it is a validation of all we have experienced….. This is a book for all the children who hear their guides, and for their parents, teachers and others who love them even though they don’t understand.”

– Janice H., Rockwall, Texas

“Interesting characters and an intriguing story line make this book a delightful literary journey.”

– Kitty S., Leesburg, Florida

“A beautiful love story between a little girl and her “true” family, Behind the Open Door is wonderfully descriptive and magical. Cassie takes you on a wonderful journey within and allows for your own inner child to follow along. A favorite bedtime story.“

– Carolyn J.,, Knoxville, Tennessee